Codeby Project: Spa Aiyuna's new website

Discover the virtual hideaway of Aiyuna Spa

With the proposal to promote health, well-being, and quality of life, César Suzuki decided to realize the dream of creating a Spa that was a refuge from the city's agitation, right in the heart of one of the neighborhoods that offer the best quality of life in São Paulo.

In addition to offering treatments aimed at lowering anxiety and stress levels, the brand also promotes the client's physical and emotional connection needed for a more balanced life.

In order to provide more comfort to the customer, the brand sought assistance with the implementation of a new website focused on performance, offering comfort and agility in customer service and sales that the previous one did not provide.

One of the difficulties faced by the brand was the charging and response time, which harmed the customer experience (which had considerable stress when attempting to purchase services through the site) by choosing to purchase the service online.

How was the project done?

Thinking about the solution for the site, we suggest changing the platform. For a simpler way to manage registrations, sales, and business growth. In this regard, the Shopify Platform was the perfect option for this project, since it offers several brand features and an intuitive interface.

One of the differences of this new site was due to the easy edition of the information, where the customer can edit and register new content.

We also used a clean design, with sober colors and simple layout, since the intention is for the customer to quickly find the service they want.

To further improve the experience of the site, a chat with online consultants was inserted for questions regarding agenda, services, and prices. The client can still talk to the team with an instant messaging application and perform the service there.


A visually more attractive site with well-informed information. With the completion of the project, the loading time decreases making the site navigation more fluid and performative.