Projeto Codeby - Novo site Dux Nutrition

Since 2015, DUX Nutrition has been on the market, offering cutting-edge nutritional technology to enable people to exceed their human limits.

The brand of nutritional supplements, values ​​the taste and quality of its products. Its founders believe that these two characteristics are closely linked to the success of their products, as they do not give up taste for quality.

Through rigorously tested development, the brand achieves effective, palatable body products and offers this range of options on its brand new website.

DUX sought our assistance in developing a brand new website with aesthetically more modern layout, space for relevant product information and more fluid experience.

How was the project?

In this project, the main idea was to modernize the site, with more current and responsive aesthetic standards, offering comfort to users who access it on different screens and devices.

Aiming at the fluidity of the new site, our team redesigned the entire code structure to make it clean and focus on lightweight, well-conducted experiences.

For this, it was necessary to redesign the customer's journey through the site, through a rigorous analysis of the users' most difficult points. By accessing this feedback, it was possible to strategically redistribute information thus providing a fluid and uncomplicated journey.

And speaking of information, one of the good points of the new site is the richness of detail in the product information. Nutrition tables of each product were made available for the consumer to check all ingredients and values ​​important to their health.

In addition, on the product's own page the customer finds relevant information on formula, for whom is indicated, curiosities in a flashy layout, in addition to the ratings of those who have already purchased the product.
To improve site navigation, we have added filters by interest, where the customer can customize their search according to their needs. And this is also present in the top menu, so the customer stays on top of news of each product category.


Dux has migrated from a non-dynamic, under-informed site and a confusing shopping journey to a more modern concept with detailed information and shopping journey studied by our UX experts. Thus ensuring a site with high performance, beautiful and useful to the customer.

The result you can check out at