6 Tips to Improve Virtual Store Security and Get the Customer to Understand

We already know that having a secure site is important for several reasons. However, when it comes to e-commerce, care must be even greater. After all, although the habit of buying online has grown significantly in recent years, consumers are always left with one foot behind before each transaction.

Therefore, improving the security of the virtual store should not be an option, but a must for anyone who wants to achieve success. As well as making a good impression on users, you also enjoy the benefits that protection tools provide - as we are subject to invasion attempts and we need the means to eliminate any breach.

Do you want to know the main measures to increase the security of your virtual store and, consequently, to sell more? Keep reading and check out our tips!

1. Choose a good platform

The e-commerce platform is the framework in which you will build your business online. It must be compatible with the main tools that prevent fraud, among other security measures. So, before making your choice, read the recommendations of other customers, see how long the company has worked and if it provides good support.

2. Purchase an SSL Certificate

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is one of the most trusted items for consumers. Do you know that padlock before the URL that says the site is secure? That's what it's all about. When you purchase this certificate, the connection to the website is encrypted. This means that user information is stored securely and securely.

3. Shield site

The shielding service scans the site to identify possible vulnerabilities, preventing it from being invaded. After the reviews, if everything is in order, you can display a shielded website seal and increase the sense of security of the visitors.

4. Get an Ebit Seal

Nothing better than customers to say that your business is trustworthy, is not it? So the Ebit label serves to show that your online store has a good reputation based on the ratings of those who have already purchased your products or services.

There are four medals you can conquer: bronze, silver, gold and diamond. The better your grade, the higher the certificate level.

5. Count on specialists to do maintenance

The knowledge of a skilled professional is important not only to put the virtual store on the air and install the certificates, but also for maintenance. You need to rely primarily on programmers who have experience in website security. If you do not have such support, sooner or later you will experience an unpleasant situation.

6. Provide secure payment methods

Lastly, you will need to offer secure forms of payments to consumers. One of the alternatives is to integrate the platform with traditional operators (such as Cielo and Rede) to pass on credibility.

Another option is to hire a brokerage company (such as Moip) and let it be responsible for data security and all bureaucracy. There are still other possibilities, all with their advantages and disadvantages, just search what is the one that suits your needs.

The security of the virtual store must be planned before the site is even created. When you opt for the easiest or cheapest solutions, you will probably have a loss up front. Therefore, the ideal is to search well before any decision.

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