The story of the time is the brand new SouQ website

Fashion and history have always been together, but have you thought of a brand that mixes the two? The Brazilian SouQ looks for finds that vary between decoration, clothes and objects, all with a characteristic in common: they guard history.

Since 2013, SouQ, with its demanding curatorship and great taste, undertakes to deliver not only aesthetics, inspiration and uniqueness but an experience that promises to take you on a real-world trip without leaving the place, taking stories from the world to do part of its history.

Codeby once again has prepared a space that has everything to do with the motivation of the brand taking the experience of those who enter the site to another level. The design was thought by the store itself but the features were on our account, they are:

  • Promotional Timer (appears within the first few minutes of accessing the site)
  • Quick View
  • Color table on the shelf (photo exchange and price change if any)
  • Measurement table and size of products
  • Plugin buy together
  • Filters
  • Infinity scroll
  • Fullscreen images on the product page
  • Wishlist
  • Shoplook
  • Purchase look
  • Using the VueJS library

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