Apply the Visual Merchandising strategy in your online business and have results on sale

Nowadays it is common to see physical stores using visual merchandising as a way to get the customer's attention and to create a harmony of products and environment. But this practice is not so common when it comes to online stores. Few online businesses know that this type of strategy can help boost sales and keep the purchase rate high by a customer.

In this article, we will address how the visual merchandising, when used correctly can be a great option for your business.


First of all, it is important to understand what Visual Merchandising is.

In a superficial way, this is all manner of exposure and product disposition, making the presentation effective for increasing sales. In addition, Visual Merchandising is directly tied to the customer experience as it thinks about how to positively impact.

In physical stores, it is common to see this type of strategy being worked on in several points of the store. Good lighting, the layout of products, categories and sections, window displays harmonic and tell a story, hot points receiving proper attention. The sum of these elements makes the customer feel comfortable buying, spending more time in the store and consequently buying more. Overall, this inviting and pleasant aspect helps customers to buy about 40% more.


How To Apply This Strategy Into Your Online Business

If on the one hand physical stores exploit this strategy, on the other many online brands still do not make use of visual merchandising. Just like with any business, you expect sales to be so good and your business is the option the customer will have when they need to buy.

In physical stores the visual merchandising is in several points, starting with the store facade, shop windows, internal environment, lighting, sessions, products .. In an online store will follow the same logic, a good ad in the search sites would be your facade, your catalog would be your showcase, the layout of the site would be your internal environment, the quality of photos and background colors would be your lighting, and your product categories would be your sessions.

Visualizing in this way is much more practical to apply this strategy in your online store making communication with your user more objective improving the conversion of your site and making your sales more concise.


Applying Visual Merchandising online

About 80% of first impressions are created from the view, so the look of your site will count a lot to succeed in this strategy, here's what you need to do:

• A good ad on search sites: Your site needs to be seen, and a good placement on search sites is critical for more users to see your link and click. So, invest in SEO and keywords that have to do with your segment if you find it necessary to make sponsored link ads to improve your position.

A flashy Title with a concise description makes a lot of difference when the user is making the click decision.

• Layout: Quick question, would you buy a cell phone in a dimly lit shop with dirty shop windows or a disorganized environment? Do not you agree that this environment does not pass any credibility ?! Just like in physical stores, your online store needs to be presentable when your customer accesses. So choose a designer that matches your brand, colors that awaken customer empathy, and a structure that is easy to navigate.

Prioritize to offer an intuitive access to the user with a simple menu, propose agility and harmony in the visual of your site, do not let the user not know what to do there, show the way that he needs to do.

• Showcase: The layout of the products on your website will make all the difference when the user is making their choices. Opting to expose the products in a way that maintains a logical sentence and that contains a history generates scenarios more varied like increase of average ticket with the amount of items being bought.

Let's be an example? Imagine that you are looking for a new bikini for your vacation on the coast, but you do not know yet that you also need a swimwear that matches, and will only know 3 pages after you found the bikini you were looking for. The chances of you not finding that bath outlet and closing the purchase with only the bikini is enormous.

Now you've thought if this bathing solution is on the same page, continuing a logical and relevant sequence of the look.

This type of action, considerably improves the visualization of the products and proposes agility and time saving of the user.

• Quality of photos: Dark, unfocused photos or bursting illumination do not attract attention and the impression of amateurism is still on. Invest in quality photos with good lighting, opt for more neutral backgrounds or have to do with the product and experience you are offering.

If you work with collections, invest in scenarios that have to do with the product, communicating emotionally with the customer is also important and through photos it is possible to pass sensations to the user and instigate him.

• Invest in the organization: Organization is always an ally when it comes to business, maintaining well-divided categories and facilitating customer navigation on the site, will make it spend less time looking for what you want and more time browsing between products that interest you.

• Hot points: In physical stores it is common to use points of more moves to encourage impulse buying. On websites it is also possible with some features to make the customer make decisions by impulse offering products of the same segment or that make up the purchase.

Puggins as "also bought" from Amazon or "See also" gives Americans that appear at the end of the purchase, are a great way to make the user continue shopping.


Here are some examples of sites that use Visual Merchandising as an online strategy:

Within Codeby we already implemented in several stores this strategy in its layout and in its windows, and this generates varied scenarios like increase of average ticket with the quantity of items being bought.

With the possibility of buying similar pieces for example in Cia Marítima, bikinis with top and bottom parts appearing in sequence give you the possibility to buy any of the 4 models that are talked about.

You improve communication with your user, and sell more concisely, improving the conversion of your site.

Another way to apply Visual Merchandising online is with a tool that allows you to show the price of the complete look. Many women like what they see on mannequins and models and want the complete look. But the job she would have to look for each piece greatly reduced the chance of buying.

With ShopLook, it is possible to show the parts that make up the look and price, making the user experience more agile and relevant.

Learn more about the tool accessing


Advantages of using visual merchandising as a strategy in your online business

  • Positive impact on the consumer mind.
  • Possibility of increase of average ticket.
  • Better relationship with the customer.
  • Communication in a more objective and sensorial way.
  • Strategic positioning.
  • More organized and harmonious visual


    Now that you know the wonders that visual Merchandising can do on your site, how about let Codeby help you? Contact us and let us help you be even more successful.

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