Ever thought of having an instant conversion window? This is what Shoplook proposes for your online store

When you have an online store it is necessary to always adopt new strategies to make the shopping journey more comfortable for your customers.

And when I say comfortable, I am referring to making your customer's shopping experience smooth, without difficulties or hindrances that can make a customer (or several) give up doing business with you.

Sometimes these new strategies can only be adaptations of what we already see in physical stores, such as Visual Merchandising that through a combination of environment, product layout and lighting offers the customer complete shopping experience.

In today's article, I will introduce a tool, which through the Visual Merchandising strategy creates instant conversions directly in the window of your site.

With a digital Book system, Shoplook allows products from certain images in your collection to be associated with hotspots with direct links to showcase products.

Just one click is required to open a Quickview product, enabling the customer to finalize the purchase or request a quote from their reseller. The tool also gives you the option of adding one or all products of the image of interest.

Shoplook can be used as an extension to the product page, an extra part with combination suggestions for example, or as an individual page simulating a catalog of products available in the store. Both options help to create an atmosphere for the customer to feel the desire to acquire that concept demonstrated by their brand, all in addition to the possibility of buying with a click.

In a dynamic way, it is possible to work on your site's environment with Shoplook and use the principle of visual merchandising strategy in order to achieve better results and attract new customers. And the cool thing is that Shoplook can be used in many segments like fashion, decoration, utilities, construction among many others. In addition to all these benefits, Shoplook is intuitive to use and easy to integrate.

And if you use the VTEX platform, with the scoring system of your store you can define the ordering of your products and our VM system takes good care of that. With a simple platform, it is possible to change this order visually, export the list of products from your store already with the predefined fields and import them again to speed up the organizing process.

So, have you been curious to know how this tool can help your business grow even more? Contact us by contato@codeby.com.br

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