Why is a test platform important against errors?

Those who work with virtual commerce need to know, first and foremost, that any problem with their platform, regardless of origin, can jeopardize the performance of e-commerce - both in terms of logistics and access to information of potential customers and in the number of conversions. For this reason, you need to make sure that everything is right with the website and if there are no errors that could detract from your performance.

What many people still do not know is that this monitoring can be done through a test platform. It is basically a tool that performs simulations of use of the site in order to identify possible errors. Want to know more how this tool works, how can it help prevent mistakes and how important is it to the success of your e-commerce? Continue reading and find out!

What is a test platform?

A test platform, as its name implies, is a tool that performs tests and experiments on the most diverse functionalities of a mobile site, software or application, with the main objective of identifying possible system failures and points that still need to be improved to what system is perfect for the general public to make use of.

The idea is this: a type of robot must experience all the functions of a system, observe how it works and how it can be improved, always having in mind the goal of improving the user experience. This platform, at the end of the test, sends a complete report pointing out all the points that need to be taken into account when correcting problems.

These tests can analyze the following points:

  • compatibility and responsiveness: it is verified if the site is compatible with all internet browsers and also if the sales platform has the ability to adapt to all screen sizes that the devices with internet access have;

  • Content: In this item, all types of messages that the customer can access within the platform and which may have some impact on sales or conversions, such as grammatical errors, formatting of titles and intertitles, item size and positioning, product description and information about the company;

  • functionalities: the platform must understand and imagine the use of the functionalities in different usage scenarios. Therefore, it is necessary to test and ensure that everything is right with the links, contact forms, external links (social networks, emails), different languages, cadastre of CEPs and other functions that are decisive for the finalization of the purchase.

How can it help prevent mistakes?

In any industry, when launching a new product on the market, it is essential to be sure that everything is right with it and that the public will have contact with the best version possible until that moment.

Imagine a practical example: assuming you own a chocolate factory and want to develop a new version, without sugar, but with the same flavor. As much as your team develops the product with a lot of research and using the best resources, you will only be sure that the taste pleases after subjecting the chocolate to a sensory test with potential customers and having a certain knowledge of chocolates.

So it is with a virtual platform. As much as all codes, functions and contents are thought carefully, failures will only be identified after rigorous testing. And in that case, a flaw can be crucial in the performance and financial return of an e-commerce.

In the case of websites and software, there are some test platforms available that do all the work in a short time and can be used at any point in the project, from the initial stages until after the virtual store is on the air. It is important to note that by using these tools, you can anticipate or anticipate possible errors and even bugs. That way, you'll have more time to formulate financial strategies for your online store and stand out among the diversity of competitors.

How important is it to have a test platform?

So far, we understand why you should conduct constant testing on your virtual store to avoid errors and how test platforms can help you get more accurate results, right? Rather than avoiding errors, a test platform can guarantee a better user experience as it helps in building a system fully thinking about its use. In addition, the tests help in the following aspects:

  • the site becomes more efficient because, when passing through the evaluations of robots, the chance of failure at some point will be much lower;

  • ensures greater user satisfaction, as it avoids your frustration when trying to perform some action and be prevented by lack of usability of the site;

  • facilitates access, since, when checking the compatibility of responsiveness, it does not allow the user to have any access problem;

  • avoids the financial loss, because, with a site that offers the best navigability, the chances of abandonment of cart are much smaller;

  • provides for the chance of overloading accesses on special occasions, such as commemorative dates or promotions;

  • increases the chance of conversion, since when you undergo tests made by a platform, you are delivering a less likely version of problems to customers.

Once you know all these benefits, you must have realized that hiring a test platform for your virtual store can bring all these benefits and ensure that you stand out in the digital environment where competition is increasing.

Keep in mind that by providing a good structure with the best customer experience, you'll be driving it back to your site and taking new action, increasing your chances of billing.

If you like to know a little more about this subject and want to know more about how a test platform works, contact us and know what we can offer to make your e-commerce much more efficient.

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