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  • I know you've thought of Rounding!

    This began with the Roundup Movement that innovated when it came to creating forms for collective cooperation and generating a great social impact. The movement has already helped 32 NGOs and the cool thing is that you can help in many places and times without having to take the time to do so.

  • New project: Get to know the Lego Education website

    Everyone has already had a lego to call their own, whether as a child or as an adult, Lego toys make fans all over the world.

    if you like this project and wanna know others Codeby's project click here:

  • Meet the new Maketplace from RecordTV

    Everyone has watched some program and at some point was interested in an object in the scenario or in the product that was presented. Have you considered a marketplace that allows this interaction between programming and products?

  • Technology trends for 2019

    Like every end of the year, a technology company has to prepare and study what technology trends are likely to happen the next year to understand which paths to follow in the growth strategy.

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  • What Codeby re-created in 2018

    Continuing in this retrospective vibe, this year we also started own projects here at Codeby. There were many incredible ideas told, but two of them stood out and came true this year, let's remember !?

  • See what happened at RubyConf Brasil 2018

    On December 13 and 14, the 12th edition of RubyConf Brasil took place in São Paulo. The biggest event focusing on Ruby in Brazil. For those who do not know, Ruby is a language used in the backend, which is the logical part of a system, that is, it makes everything work.

  • Get to know the projects that were part of 2018

    End of the year always makes us look back and make a snapshot of what we've done, changes, growths or points to improve. We do this in our personal lives and also in our professional life, after all these are the moments that differentiate each year.

  • See what happened at VTEX Training Day [BRA]

    This Thursday was the Vtex Training, a day of training of the main novelties of VTEX. It was a day of immersion in technology, business, sales and all the tools needed to get the best results in digital business.

  • Loss or Investment? Does your business suffer when you need to pay for errors?

    Having a company is not easy, it takes a lot of care to make everything perfectly well done. Manage ...

  • Advantages of using low cost task platform

    Increasingly the internet is changing the behavior of the human being, some say that the online world moves away...

  • Beautiful and sophisticated, know the new website of Shoulder

    This year we had amazing projects delivered and customers happy with the results on their sites. 

  • You'll want to check out Mini Co.'s website and take each of the collectibles home

    If you like pop culture you should probably have some kind of collection, be it comics, movies, books or miniatures.