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  • Custom Checkout on VTEX Platform? It's possible. Get to know the new project at Souq

    The history of Souq and Codeby has been built just over a year ago, and today we are pleased to deliver the new Checkout from the store. 

  • See what happened at RubyConf Brasil 2018

    On December 13 and 14, the 12th edition of RubyConf Brasil took place in São Paulo. The biggest event focusing on Ruby in Brazil. For those who do not know, Ruby is a language used in the backend, which is the logical part of a system, that is, it makes everything work.

  • Some features to boost your website on Cyber Monday

    Little is heard of Cyber Monday, the official day of discounts and promotions in online stores. Although not very well known here in Brazil, in the United States the event generates an increase of about 70% in sales volume.
  • Apply the Visual Merchandising strategy in your online business and have results on sale

    Nowadays it is common to see physical stores using visual merchandising as a way to get the customer's attention and to create a harmony of products and environment. But this practice is not so common when it comes to online stores. Few online businesses know that this type of strategy can help boost sales and keep the purchase rate high by a customer.

  • Young entrepreneurs of Scarf Me bet on new website.

    Scarves, scarves, and pashminas, were never so modern before Scarf Me entered the market. The brand brings personality and modernity in its prints that win more and more women for São Paulo and bet on irreverent mini boutiques to reach its audience.

  • 5 saving tips for managing your store inventory

    Good inventory management is critical to business operations, including e-commerce. It is a challenging task to manage the store inventory. You can not promise something that is not complete, right? Thus, up-to-date inventory flow and inbound flow control to meet the safety and predictability requirements for replenishment.

  • Check out on e-commerce: 7 best practices for more conversions

    In order to be successful and ensure the preference of different competitors, e-commerce must bet on quality products, ease of navigation, a good layout, adequate logistics, marketing strategies and tools for customer loyalty.

  • How should the design of a leading e-commerce sales?

    The online market grows exponentially. According to the E-marketer, the industry is expected to reach $ 4 trillion in sales by 2020. One of the biggest difficulties for those active in this market is creating the ideal e-commerce design that encourages visitors to buy quickly and recurrent.
  • Is it worth to choose the Shopify platform?

    The e-commerce market has proven very promising in Brazil. In contrast to the economic instabilities that trade has been suffering in recent years, virtual stores have grown by 12% in 2017. The Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm) expects to grow by 15% in 2018.

  • How is it possible to reach the consumer in the mobile purchase day?

    The use of mobile devices surpassed the others. According to the  National Survey of Household Sample Continuous (PNADC), published by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 64.7% of Brazilians have access to the internet, that is, 116 million people are connected. Of these, 94.6% access the network through the smartphone.

  • TESTBOTS: Robots are here to automate your tests and not lose revenue!

    I'll tell you a true story, I'm a programmer and founder of some digital businesses like Codeby, Socialbuy, Shoplook, Testby, didn't use Testbot's inside any of them...