We are a technology company specializing in the development of features that add to the growth of digital businesses.

We have more than 6 years of experience attending major brands in the market, we contribute with customized technological solutions that add and heal the need of each one of our clients.

We specialize in e-commerce with a focus on the VTEX and Shopify ecosystems, both considered to be the best multi-channel E-commerce platforms in the world. We have a team specialized in both platforms to provide support services, development and creation of new solutions.

In addition, we offer technology analysis to help our customers choose the best option to reach the maximum potential, with quick solutions and fair price.



At Codeby, we guide you through the Bushido code, which is a code of conduct and way of life for the Samurai who set the parameters for living with honor.
And this is what Codeby values most, honor our commitments to the customer and do our best to make them successful.

The principles are: Justice, Courage, Compassion, Kindness, Sincerity
Honor, Duty, and Loyalty.

It is these principles that guarantee the passion for what we have developed, with the quality necessary to bring constructive results to your business.

And we strive to form a team that shares these values, as these professionals will be taking care of your success.



Create technology to make our customers more profitable.

Mission - Our mission is to make possible the evolution of online business, solving technical problems and creating possibilities through the development of new technologies.

Vision - Our vision is to be a company recognized for excellence in technology, committed to the quality of its products and services, providing satisfaction and success to our customers.

Values - We follow the Bushido philosophy, so we believe that every human being must choose and build his own path based on values that do it his way.
Our essence is formed by the nobility of feelings, honesty, loyalty, integrity, courage, honor, respect and resilience.



It's all about people!



That's why our success is our team.
We believe that each member is an important part for the team to continue to evolve and achieve incredible results.

That's why we value all work, idea and initiative, because it's these simple things that allow us to evolve and improve to create increasingly innovative solutions and make each day better and happier than the last.

Meet our team


  • Online support
  • We work with various e-commerce platforms
  • Creation of tools and plugins
  • Tests



Tall and with an unmistakable blonde curly hair. If you attend to e-commerce fairs, digital agencies or the VTEX office, of course, you had heard about “Biro Biro” or “Biro”, for the closest. This guy, (not)known as Fellipe Guimarães, started with a small business, offering web services alone, working in a desk in the corner of your bedroom. Nowadays, he is the head of Codeby, a company that he founded by bringing talented programmers and with the goal of, more than attracting customers, surprise them with his passion for what he does.


Discover our values and mission.